Arenberg creates meaningful data driven products and customer experiences in sports by combining software, hardware and human interaction.


We are passionate about sport and the role it plays in enriching our lives. We have never been more connected and technology is enabling us to find new and exciting ways to enhance the sports experience, whether it be to watch and interact for entertainment or to participate in a healthy obsession.

Arenberg’s mission is to create the world's first personal sports social network supported with groundbreaking wearable technology which allows athletes and enthusiasts to share their personal sports experiences in a more authentic and meaningful way.

With offices in Australia and Sweden and a multi-national team made up of strategic thinkers, designers and software engineers we focus primarily on wearable technology, streaming media, data driven platforms, social and commerce.

  • EYE

    Share the ride

    EYE is an exciting new content driven social App designed for passionate cyclists. It’s a dedicated place for you to share and discover amazing ride content globally with support for photos, videos and live broadcasts. EYE lets you connect Road Helmet One and other cameras and apps to create highly visual and data driven content for like-minded road and mountain bike riders.

    EYE makes it simple and easy to create live “EYE Casts” to the EYE network, YouTube and Facebook letting you broadcast your best moments live as you showcase your skills across the globe. You can upvote what's hot and see the very best content within the Leaderboards as voted by the global EYE community.

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  • Arenberg Cycling

    Form + Function defined

    Arenberg Cycling is a performance cycling apparel brand that unites the passion for cycling with good design and smart technology. The design principles are centred around performance functionality and a minimal aesthetic allowing cyclists to ride in challenging conditions in comfort and in style.

    Our design research team are currently exploring new ways to enhance the cycling experience through the augmentation of fabric technology.

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